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Think of sight lines. The first view you see upon entering should be the most impactful and be the anchor for the room. If possible, your focal point should be the best feature, whether it is the stand-alone bath or the glass shower stall. Stand-alone baths are not as expensive as most people think and many are price comparable to the drop-in bath. There are also good quality porcelain tiles that mimic natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Use natural stone or marble as edging features for high impact detail. The spa-like look of soft white/cream with an emphasis on one/two focal points will create a light airy ambiance. See more art business names for the best home decor and lifestyle living.


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LA Conner Arts helps in the development of artistic and art brand name solutions for your unique circumstances. Our main objective is to dramatically increase visibility, free up your individual artistic enterprise and eventually – in the more advanced stages – help to reduce dependence on diminishing ‘arts’ funding and their respective institutions. We start by finding out where you are and where you want to be.  We then move on to helping the individual and/or establishment move beyond traditional limitations of current practice and grasp their art business proactively. The end goal being full independence of the artist or establishment through a self sustaining art and art business practice.  This is done through understanding the true uses of leverage, velocity of business practices, synergy of inside and outside art business activities and diversifying of outside business dealings with the intended result of leveling out the inevitable up’s and downs of ones art and business success cycles. Other topics addressed: the internet and it’s true function in visual arts practices, the formulation of corporations in order to active the greatest possible return on sales and studio/living spaces, direct mail and it’s relation to electronic media, and introduction to the pro’s and con’s of the somewhat controversial practices of anti-copyrighting, gifting and collaborations.  This is only a sampling of programs available in the various levels of mentoring at LA Conner Arts, please contact us for further clarification of each level. We have worked with many organization such as SHOP TEATOX brands by TEATOX, Health related companies or many different industries. Our expert interior has given each of our clients unique design to office spaces.

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