Home decor and makeovers of bedrooms

The interior design makeover of the master bedroom, or main bedroom, should create a place that is inviting, fun, relaxing, and peaceful – It is an adult sanctuary, and can work as sleeping quarter; library; TV room, and that ‘must’ comfortable place to rejuvenate and be cozy.

The master bedroom is not the room for a bright red, but rather a quiet gray, white, or Robin’s egg blue – colors that do not demand attention. However, always be daring and follow your instincts. It needs to be kept light. Be inspired by the hues of the environment and by nature – maybe serene layers of cream, white, and pale grey. Hints of blue, or a favorite color, can give you a calming sanctuary from the hectic pace of life. For some interest or a small piece of drama, use a bold print/pattern on the bed cushions.

Every room needs a starting point, and every room should have one bold conceptual gesture – a focal point for the rest of your space that makes your room unique. Some rooms need dividing-up to create some intimacy, and art is an integral part of the overall look. Keep major pieces timeless and have fun with accessories; making it then easier to change when you are ready for a new look.

To approach the design of the bedroom, start with the placement of the furniture. If the room has views, focus attention on the windows. If there is enough room, divide the bedroom into the main area for sleeping, a small area for reading, and a vanity area for make-up.

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