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home interior design and makeovers of bathrooms

The makeover and interior design of your bathroom, or main-en-suite, requires a streamlined approach. Less is definitely more when choosing bathroom finishes and will ensure they remain current for years. Do not go trendy; rather keep to a classic look. No matter how tempted you are, use only two or three finishes to maintain a cohesive color palette.

Think of sight lines. The first view you see upon entering should be the most impactful and be the anchor for the room. If possible, your focal point should be the best feature, whether it is the stand-alone bath or the glass shower stall. Stand-alone baths are not as expensive as most people think and many are price comparable to the drop-in bath. There are also good quality porcelain tiles that mimic natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Use natural stone or marble as edging features for high impact detail. The spa-like look of soft white/cream with an emphasis on one/two focal points will create a light airy ambiance.

Big box stores are now stocking good on-trend fixtures. A mixture of inexpensive finds and investment pieces will create interest and longevity. Good-looking faucets and hardware are important. Do not go cheap on countertops. A good quality stone will transform a vanity.

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