Interior Design Makeover of Kitchen and Eat-in

Updating or giving your kitchen a makeover is the most cost rewarding renovation you can do for your home. It can also be the most expensive, but if well-planned and designed, it is possible to get a good return on a limited budget.

Painting the cabinets has a dramatic updating effect, but if the cabinets are unsalvageable, then buying from a big box store, will save thousands of dollars. Cabinets can also be given a facelift by cutting out the middle panel and replacing it with translucent glass. Any way of changing the solid face of a wall of cabinets, whether with glass doors or by removing some cabinets and replacing them with open shelves, will dramatically update your kitchen, especially in strategic sight line positions. Stand at the doorway, or at the first view of your kitchen, and take note of what you see – you should give the most attention to the sight you see.

The second cost-effective change to the cabinets is the door hardware – those handles from the builder or old ones from years ago, have to go!

Next to be replaced is the faucet. This is not a great expense and the big box stores are now stocking some inexpensive but good examples.

If possible, update the countertops even if it is only to a laminate. The industry has come a long way and have some great looking choices. Keep the edges right-edged and simple. Avoid the dated rounded edge and the 4” backsplash. The natural stones and quartz countertops give the ultimate bang for your buck. Granite has especially come down in price and discounted shops have sprung up everywhere in the industrial areas.

Give your local area a drive around. If you can change the countertop then the sink needs changing too. Very often the granite manufacturer will pass on, or include, a new sink in the deal – ensure it is at least 18 gauge s/steel, but 16 gauge is best. Use butcher’s block as an interesting point for the island.

Again, scour your industrial area for tile-discounted shops, to get a deal on a tile for your backsplash or go for the classic but inexpensive subway tile that most home hardware stores carry. You do not have to install it in the classic brick pattern but can stack it directly underneath each other for a more modern look, or even more interesting to do, but more difficult to install, is the herringbone pattern – this will have an immediate impact and a huge wow!

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